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David G. Schwartz Last year, Iowas 19 casinos posted revenues of $1.5 billion, $336 million of which was paid to the state in taxes. In addition to supporting 15,662 jobs and paying $618 million in wages, Iowa casinos bought $239 million in goods from Iowa vendors and provided $62 million in funding to community organizations. Casinos in Council Bluffs are finding special ways to make a difference. Through the Iowa West Foundation , they have contributed to the Pottawattamie Promise, which offers full rides to a local community college for eligible high school students who meet need and merit standards. Whether it is casino employees volunteering at a homeless shelter or corporate donations that sponsor important programs, casino gaming has had an outsize impact on that corner of Iowa. Ohio, likewise, doesnt have a reputation as a gambling powerhouse, but the states four casinos and seven racinos generated $1.8 billion in gaming revenue and $594 million in direct gaming taxes last year.

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